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We Create Value for Customers

Junia Holdings Inc. is a leading provider of digital non-contact optical inspection systems and is a pioneer in the specialty metal fabrication / manufacturing segment. We provide solutions for a variety of manufacturing needs in the  automobile, aerospace, electronics, energy, firearms, medical, and telecommunications industries.

Junia Holdings offers the OASIS brand of quality inspection systems, one of the fastest and most accurate non-contact measurement systems on the market, serving a global client-base in a variety of industries.  Junia Holdings owns George Products Company, an innovative specialty metal fabricator that focuses on R&D prototype parts, precision stamping and refractory metals machining.

Our Portfolio 

George Products Company Logo
OASIS Inspection Systems logo

George Products Company, Inc.

Precision Metal Fabrications Since 1951.

George Products is an established metal fabricator with a focus on providing high quality parts to a broad variety of industries, backed by exceptional customer service. The company enjoys long-standing client relationships, serving many of them for over 30 years. Quality is the underlying current in all areas of George Products, from sales to shipping, with a rigorous attention to detail. 

Oasis Inspection Systems

The World’s Fastest Inspection System.

The OASIS is a full-featured Inspection System designed to measure multiple dimensions instantly. Our Premier Optical Inspection System combines accuracy and precision with a fast, easy to use operator interface. This non-contact Machine Vision Inspection System is designed to measure multiple profile dimensions on small parts, accurate to +/- 0.0001 inches, with all measurements done in less than a second.